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Weight Loss Success Stories

Real People. Real Success Stories.

River Valley Weight Loss has witnessed a multitude of weight loss success stories, with people from all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes achieving astounding progress and remarkable transformations.


Morgan T. Lost 22 lbs & 3 dress sizes!

“The Secret for Weight Loss program has been a total game-changer for this busy mom! Not only did I lose 22 pounds and 3 dress sizes, but I also gained an incredible surge of energy. Now, I can keep up with my little ones and feel like a superhero every day!”


Amari lost 45 lbs

“Secret for Weight Loss has been a true friend on my weight loss journey. With their guidance, I lost an impressive 45 pounds. It feels amazing to see and feel the positive changes in my body. I’m really grateful for the support and care the whole team provided throughout this process.”


Stephanie L. lost 42 lbs in 2 months!

“I can’t thank the Secret for Weight Loss team enough for changing my life! With their personalized support and expert guidance, I lost an incredible 42 pounds in just 2 months. It’s been an amazing journey, and I’ve not only transformed my body but also regained my confidence and zest for life. Forever grateful!”


Todd N. lost 27lbs!

“I am forever grateful to Secret for Weight Loss for helping me achieve my weight loss goals. Losing 27 pounds has made a world of difference, as I feel lighter and experience significantly less physical discomfort. I can’t thank their amazing team at enough for their support and the positive impact it has had on my overall well-being.”


Janice S. lost 32 lbs and 6 dress sizes!

“Secret for Weight Loss has transformed my life. I am thrilled to share my weight loss success story! In just 60 days, I managed to lose an incredible 32 pounds and drop an astonishing 6 dress sizes. Through consistent workouts and a well-balanced diet, I discovered the strength within myself to achieve the transformation I had always dreamed of.

Seth K. lost 60 lbs and 8 in

“The team at Secret for Weight Loss is the absolute greatest. They have a profound wealth of knowledge and the unique ability to coach with empathy. The Secret to Weight Loss team makes nutrition interesting, keeps you motivated, and can answer any question you put in front of them. I have lost more than 50lbs, which I credit to their advice. I couldn’t be more happy with the results!!”

Bryce B. lost 75 lbs & 35 in

“Because of Secret for Weight Loss, I am stronger than ever! I feel more active and have experienced so much success in both my career and love life. I’m forever grateful of all the care the team provided me and the results that followed!”

Dawn K. lost 40 lbs & 20 in

“I was pre-diabetic, neuropathy in my feet, no energy, fatigue and bloated all the time. I was tired of being tired and the feeling hopeless of succumbing to potential diabetes. I heard the commercial on the radio and made my appointment for my consultation. I have my energy back look and feel years younger. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get their life back!”

Traci C. lost 20lbs

I have been on the Secret for Weight Loss for almost two months, I’ve lost 21 lbs! My old clothes are feeling better, my energy levels are through the roof which I wasn’t expecting and it’s easy to follow! All the foods I’m eating are real and healthy foods, I just feel healthier!

Kristen. lost 40 lbs & 20 in

“I was tired of feeling sluggish and carrying excess weight. When I came to Secret for Weight Loss, I decided to take action and booked a consultation. Investing in my health was totally the best decision ever! Not only did I lose weight but I gained energy and got my positive mindset back. I highly recommend this program!”

Sarah H. lost 21 lbs and 29 in

“Before going to Secret for Weight Loss, I was tired and so unhappy with my weight. I knew it was time for a change! The program and the entire team were so incredible – I lost an incredible 21 pounds and 29 inches! From a size 16 to a size 6, I feel like a whole new person and finally have my energy back!”

The numbers don't lie.

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Health Improvements

We surveyed the last 500 people who completed the program. Besides losing weight, here are the percent of people who reported health benefits.

*Based on the average weight loss per client from the last 500 patients surveyed after completing the program and the number of programs that start per year. This program is not a cure or treatment for any health condition but besides losing weight, many patients experience health benefits from this program when they incorporate healthy eating habits.

Please be advised that these statistics are based on data collected from external sources and are provided for informational purposes only.

The accuracy, reliability, and completeness of the statistics cannot be guaranteed, and no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, is made regarding the validity or suitability of the data. Users are encouraged to exercise their own judgment and discretion when interpreting or relying on the information provided. The Secret for Weight Loss providers, their affiliates, and agents shall not be held liable for any claims, losses, or damages arising from the use of or reliance on these statistics. This program is not a cure or treatment for any health condition but besides losing weight, many patients experience health benefits from this program when they incorporate healthy eating habits.

The survey results clearly indicate that a significant majority of clients, 68%, reported experiencing enhanced energy levels throughout their participation in the weight loss program. This finding underscores the positive impact of the program on clients’ vitality and highlights its effectiveness in boosting their overall energy and well-being.
The survey results provide compelling evidence that the weight loss program had a profound impact on the confidence of participants, with 66% reporting a noticeable increase. This finding highlights the program’s ability to empower clients and instill a greater sense of self-assurance as they progress towards their weight loss goals, ultimately improving their overall well-being and self-image.

The survey results indicate that more than half of the clients, specifically 51%, reported experiencing improved digestion during their participation in the weight loss program. This finding suggests that the program’s approach, which likely includes dietary modifications and healthier lifestyle habits, positively influenced clients’ digestive health, leading to a better overall digestive experience and enhanced well-being.

The survey results reveal that nearly half of the clients, precisely 48%, reported experiencing improved sleep patterns throughout their involvement in the weight loss program. This outcome highlights the program’s potential impact on sleep quality, suggesting that the combination of healthier habits, increased physical activity, and potential weight loss positively influenced clients’ ability to achieve better sleep, leading to enhanced restfulness and overall well-being.

The survey results provide substantial evidence that a significant portion of clients, 44%, experienced a reduction in joint pain while actively engaging in the weight loss program. This finding underscores the program’s effectiveness in alleviating joint discomfort, likely due to the combination of weight loss, improved nutrition, and increased physical activity, all of which contribute to reduced stress on the joints and improved overall joint health.

The survey results indicate that a staggering 42% of clients reported experiencing improved mental clarity & focus while using our program.

Disclaimer: Individual weight loss results will vary. Typical weight loss is 1-4 pounds per week based on the clients age, weight and weight loss goals. Calorie restriction is required to lose weight and many of our clients who complete the program will lose between 10-20% of their total body weight in 60 days.